Sorcar v3.1.6 released


- Added "Set Dimensions" & "Set Object Name" object operator nodes
- Added "Add ..." input nodes to append primitive object geometry to current object
- Added "set_preview" method in nodetree class
- Added curve ops base class & "Curve Shape/Geometry/Spline Properties" nodes
- Improved "Object Info" node to output object's name, dimensions and bounding box vertices
- Improved "Component Info" node to output face area
- Renamed input nodes to "Create ..." (added prefix)
- Renamed "update_ext" nodetree method to "set_value"
- Fixed "remove_object" helper function
- Fixed vertex group selection & component operator nodes
- Fixed "get_override" helper method to search for correct window/area/region


Sorcar v3.1.6
Mar 28, 2020

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