Sorcar v3.1.5 released


- Added keymap support to quickly execute selected node (Key: 'E')
- Added new "Curve" category & socket to handle objects with curve data
- Added method for modifying node parameter externally (automatically re-evaluates nodetree)
- Added "Import SVG" & "Text" curve input nodes
- Added "Convert to Mesh" & "Convert to Curve" nodes
- Added "Create Object" input node
- Added "QuadriFlow Remesh" object operator node
- Added "Warp" & "Randomize Vertices" transform nodes
- Added Weld, Lattice, Shrinkwrap & Weighted Normal modifier nodes
- Added "Proportional Editing" & "Snap" settings node
- Added "Clear Parent", "Get Parent", & "Get Children" object operator nodes
- Improved "Scatter" node to support instanced scattering
- Improved "Maths Operation" node to include more operations & better menu layout
- Improved "Parent" node to include option to set the inverse parent correction
- Improved "Skin Modifier" node to allow skin resize for selected vertices
- Renamed transform nodes to "World/Local Transform"
- Fixed issue with Crease, Edge-Slide, Skin-Resize local transform
- Fixed custom object/curve nodes to hide original object
- Fixed issue with rerouting socket connections
- Fixed transform nodes to use snapping & proportional editing settings
- Fixed object deletion helper method to remove orphaned data
- Fixed "Select Nth" node parameter minimum value


Sorcar v3.1.5
Mar 09, 2020

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