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Do you have what it takes to drive a non-automatic "stick" car?! The life isn't all about W/A/S/D...

"Stick With It" is a car driving game/simulator for Oculus Rift Touch VR in which you have to complete levels and progress through multiple scenarios to earn score as well as manage your car upgrades so as to keep up with the levels. 


Download the zip file, extract it and run the "EpicMegajam18.exe" file

It requires Oculus Rift setup with Touch motion controllers


1. Start the game, sit back and relax. Get to know the controls:

  • L Trigger: Brake
  • R Trigger: Accelerator
  • L Grip: Clutch
  • R Grip: Steering Wheel
  • X: Gear down (make sure to press the clutch)
  • Y: Gear up (make sure to press the clutch)
  • A: Headlights
  • B: Refuel (at the gas station)
  • L Thumbstick Button: Dismiss message
  • R Thumbstick Button (double tap): Restart game

<Game always saves the data. Restarting the game won't affect your current profile>

2. Always be careful to press the clutch before changing the gear. 

3. Move through the checkpoints to earn more coins

4. Use headlight at night for better vision

5. Refuel at the gas stations when the "Fuel Low" indicator is on

6. The higher the difficulty of a level, the more will be the score and coins earned.


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WindowsNoEditor.rar 123 MB

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