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This is a small 1-day speed-run game developed for the Virtus game jam. (Theme - Kinetic Energy)

All assets including music (GarageBand & Audacity), models and materials (Blender3D) are made from scratch or are contained in the Unreal starter content.


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KEPTAlive.rar 126 MB


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despite my previous post on a different game called project plasma i actually believe this to be the best of the current 4 its gameplay is actually quite fun. Sadly this game also suffers of some problems that project plasma has. the UI is quite ugly the main Screen almost made me not play this game, the unbulilt lighting error was also quite a turn off. however, i still played the game and i had a way more positive experience with it than i expected. the music is really good and the main mechanics seem to be built in well. The level design is pretty bad though the bright neon colors combined with the intense darkness which you sometimes can't even see text you're supposed to see is quite distracting and almost painfull to the eyes but despite these issues i had quite some fun with this game. good job! 

Thank you so much for the review. It is the most apt and true description of the game! I, myself, don't like the bright environment and, frankly, the gameplay is too much basic. I started working on the game on 10th, so basically I had about 17 hours to make this. Unfortunately, the last thing I did before building the game was setup post-processing effects which totally backfired as I didn't test the game afterwards ;)

Thanks again for downloading my game and giving it a shot!